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Thespian Point Cards

   Inductee points (10+) due April 22nd

   Honors & Lettering points due April 22nd

  • If you need to start a point card, there are blank blue cards in the box, and we organize by last name. The yellow cards are meant to be added on once blue cards are full.

  • Points are awarded for participation in theatre starting the summer before your freshman year.  When in doubt, go ahead and put it on your card!

  • Induction and honors will occur each year at the Harvey's banquet (May 10, 2025)


Click here to view 23-24 Bonus Points Tracker

  • Induction: 10 points

    • You receive a certificate, member card, pin, admission card, access to ThesCon

  • Honors: 1 star for each additional 10 points

    • 60 - Honor

    • 120 - National Honor

    • 180 - International Honor

  • Lettering: Every 50 pts

    • Up to quadruple lettering

    • First letter earns you a senior brick

  • Honors cords at graduation for all inductees


  • Kept in classroom, access anytime (within reason)

  • Be specific with entries

  • Roles onstage or backstage, festivals, shows attended as audience, etc.

  • Classes do not count unless it included a public performance.

  • If you’re not sure whether you will get points for something, go ahead and write it. No harm, no foul.

  • Additional pages can be attached

  • DO NOT TOTAL YOUR POINTS! We will do that.

  • Your card must be in the box by May 1st to be totaled, and new inductees, honors and lettering will be recognized at Harvey's each year in May.

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